3D Design Package

We came up with categories to make it easier for you to decide on what you need. It is based on our past experiences with customers and we hope you find it helpful. But what if you want something else? We are ready to slice and dice our services to offer you a custom package that best serves your individual needs. We don't like roadblocks or boundaries, our goal is to have happy customers.

When your house or flat is ready, including the floor plan and you simply need to have someone to present you with the style and design of your interior, the 3D Design Package is for you.

To be honest it is a great help if we can get from you the floor plan in digital format, but we can also measure the dimensions of your property if not available. We promise you awesome 3D images and also advice on how it can become reality.

Price is based on m2 size for the basic model and on how many photorealistic pictures you wish to see at the end.