Shopping List Package

If seeing is not enough for believing but you wish to have a detailed list of the items for your interior design then the Shopping List Package is a great add on. We realize however that some people are content to have this only without any plans or pictures, so this package is also available as a stand alone service. A great advantage to have this as an add on is your ability to more closely control your investment.

We prepare an Excel Sheet containing all design elements grouped into the following categories: lighting, non built-in furniture, flooring, wallpaper, sanitary, shading, major decoration items, textiles, rugs, doors, tiles. The Excel contains line by line description, price, place of purchase, factory nr. color/type etc. of the elements. Our aim is to keep the costs within the budget while keeping design as close as possible to the 3D plans if applicable. We can assist with purchase management with our partner companies. We would like to keep things easy for you so if you prefer your choice of partners that is of course possible as well. The prices we include are based on web shop internet searches.
Prices for this package are based on the number of line items in the Excel file. Purchase management services with our partners are included in this price, in case you wish for us to to work with other contacts we can provide a custom price offer.