Complex Package

If you need us to help you make your dream interior happen from the first step to the last, including preparation of the shopping list and implementation plans by an architect, then we recommend our Complex Package.

It includes all services of the Concept Package but also some additional advanced deliverables. You will get a set of drawings and 3D pictures with dominant texture selections and recommendations. The documentation is based on standards used by construction companies, no further plans are required. Deliverables in addition to the Concept Package and Shopping List Package are:

-Demolition and construction plan for walls including drywall solutions on the ceiling and on the walls Additional floor plan that includes the details of visible technical placements, for example the place of washbasin, faucets, taps, radiators, ventilation etc.
- Lighting plan
- Technical drawings of custom made furnitures
- Technical drawings of custom stairs if applicable
- Loft cross-sectional if applicable
- Wall view execution plans including tiling if applicable, for example in case of the bathrooms
- Final plans are printed on A2 paper
We will show you your home in walk-in 3D model, which also helps to better picture living spaces. Please kindly note, that this model is not photorealistic.

Prices on top of the Concept Package and Shopping Package deliverables are priced by m2.